Ostafyevo Airport carries out ground-handling and airport services of the corporate flights of Gazprom’s management team and its executives.

To ensure full implementation of Russian legislation regarding the environmental protection Gazpromavia takes steps to monitor and conduct industrial inspection in the field of environment. Moreover, the Company undertakes numerous activities to protect the environment.

Environmental Policy is considered to be the fundamental document which determines Gazpromavia’s priorities of actions in the field of the environmental protection. It comprises the Company’s obligations to respect environmental standards and regulations, promote resource efficiency, reduce noise level and pollutant emissions of the aircraft engines in the atmosphere.

The main goals and objectives of the Environmental Policy:

  • Monitoring of the presence of methodological and regulatory documentation;
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the laboratory tests and studies;
  • Monitoring of the presence of all the necessary documentation;
  • Record-keeping;
  • Timely information to local government, services of Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Resources and inhabitants on an emergency situation, production halting, violation of technological processes that pose a threat to the environment and the human health;
  • Implementation of measures aimed at elimination of all detected violations.

The Environmental Management System, introduced in the Company in 2018, is the key element in the implementation of the Environmental Policy.