The history of Ostafyevo Airport dates back to the World War II when in 1942 Soviet pilots were operating attack aircraft while fighting against German fascist occupiers from Ostafyevo aerodrome.


The Gazpromavia Aviation Company Ltd. — subsidiary of Gazprom of Russia, was registered at the Moscow Registration Chamber based on the decision of the Board of Directors of Gazprom of Russia from 03.02.1995 and according to the order of Gazprom of Russia from 03.02.1995 No.7/org.

The Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transportation of Russia issued the Aircraft Operator Certificate to the Company.

The decision of Gazprom of Russia is made to establish its own airport facility.


Gazpromavia decides to establish its own base for the rental parking space for aircraft, parking shelter for Falcon-900 and premises.

According to the decision of the Russian government Ostafyevo Airport located in Podolsk Area of Moscow Region becomes the location of mixed deployment of Ministry of Defense and Gazpromavia. Wide-scale reconstruction of the airport is made: the landing strip becomes longer and stronger, the navigation equipment is updated, and an airport building and a complex is built, as well as offices and storehouses, hangars, taxi ways, and the ramp.

Further work on creating a multifunctional aviation company, providing the whole range of air transportation services both for the gas company’s purposes and for the Russian market of domestic and international transportation.

The reconstruction of the airport and its future development were planned to be conducted in 2 stages:

  • I stage (1997–2005);
  • II stage (2005–2021).

The first specialists moved to Ostafyevo Aerodrome in May, 1997.


The first technical flight operated by Yak-42 was conducted in Ostafyevo Airport in December 23, 1998.


The official opening of the Ostafyevo Airport in October 17, 2000.


During the period from May to August the service of the airport has developed as several new departments were included in the structure of the airport.


Working on the building-up of the International Centre of Business and Light Cargo Aviation in the Ostafyevo Airport, Moscow Region.

The geography of scheduled operations and air transportation sales gets wider.


The actions taken towards the organization of the International Center of Business Aviation in the Ostafyevo airport are completed. Maintenance centers of Eurocopter helicopters and business aviation aircraft, the training center are set up.

According to the Ministry of Transport order №69 of 07.06.2007 a border checkpoint was opened in Ostafyevo.


The Gazpromavia Aviation Company Ltd. launches a Comprehensive Program of the development of the Ostafyevo business airport.


According to the decision of the Public Joint Stock Company Gazprom sites of the external power supply were transferred to operation of Gazprom Energo.